How To Pronounce Veja Shoes

How to Pronounce Veja Shoes

French sneaker brand Veja has taken fashion by storm thanks to its revolutionary mix of style, functionality and ethics. Pronounced V-Ey-jah, Parisian label uses premium organic materials like cotton and natural Amazon rubber purchased at twice the market price in its sneakers; celebrities including Katie Holmes, Meghan Markle and Emily Ratajkowski all regularly support sustainable trainers from this label – making them It-girl classics.

What exactly makes Veja shoes sustainable and ethical? Their commitment to sustainable production begins from the bottom up: Veja works closely with small farmers and cooperatives in sourcing its raw materials; further supporting these communities through long-term partnerships; while making sure that factories where its shoes are produced follow internationally recognised social and environmental standards.

The brand’s focus on sustainable and ethical production doesn’t sacrifice quality, with sneakers featuring classic lines made with recycled plastic bottles and vegetable-tanned leathers sourced from recycled bottles. Furthermore, natural Amazon rubber produced locally in Brazil benefits the economy of that region while organic cotton harvested by Brazilian workers who earn above-average wages is used to lace its sneakers.

Veja’s philosophy places an emphasis on transparency. They believe consumers deserve an insight into how their shoes are produced, so provide full transparency throughout every step of their shoemaking process, from providing water for cotton plants to using recyclable plastic shoeboxes when you receive your purchase. Veja ensures employees are treated fairly while safeguarding both employee rights and environmental preservation.

At Daniel Footwear, we take great pride in stocking an expansive selection of Veja shoes ranging from the timeless Campo to Rio Bravo sneakers and more recent arrivals such as Condor performance running shoes and Marlin sandals.

Campo sneakers often come unlaced and feature small lacing holes that make tying laces difficult. To overcome this difficulty, start at the base of the tongue and work upward, placing each lacing through gaps as you go until all eyelets have been lacsed; tie a knot then tuck any excess laces underneath the top of the tongue to complete this step.

If you want your VEJA shoes looking their best, we suggest using some leather cleaner or soap to wipe down their surfaces before leaving them to air dry before wearing again. A shoe tree may also help preserve their shape.

Veja sneakers run true to size, so if you are uncertain which size to select it’s best to order your usual one. We have an attentive customer service team on hand and they can assist with any concerns or queries regarding returns if necessary – don’t hesitate to get in touch if needed!

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