How To Pronounce Cohen

How to Pronounce Cohen

The best way to learn about the narcissistic Cohen is to let him narcissify you. Luckily, he’s been in the game since the early days of the great white sib. One of the first names on his hit list is his son, the man himself. A name like that is no small feat, and you’d better be ready to defend it, oh and by the way. There’s a reason why he’s a man. He’s a smart fellow with an undeniable work ethic. For instance, he’s been known to show up at odd hours to play chess and golf. You don’t see that sort of thing often these days. To say the least, he’s been a ringer, a stud and a jack of all trades. Among his other progeny is a wife and children, and a few cats, all of whom he’s wooed and nurtured in a way that’s both admirable and humbling. Besides, he’s still an effervescent schmooze, and a worthy heir to the family throne, which is no small feat. Besides, he’s a philanthropist and the kind of guy who knows what he’s worth. Besides, he’s the best man to your sex. Lastly, he’s a good storyteller, with a penchant for sexy and tame ladies.

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