How Tall Is Remi Bader

How Tall Is Remi Bader?

Remi Bader, an American model and TikTok star, is renowned for her realistic fashion hauls and point of view content. She uploads videos of herself trying on garments to her account with the handle “remi bader,” on

The 26-year-old New York native began her career as a marketing facilitator for “Flowing.” When her job was lost during COVID lockdown, she turned to modeling and after one year had passed she signed with an exclusive modeling agency in New York.

As a result, she received widespread media coverage. She became the face of plus-size inclusivity, appearing in publications and podcasts nationwide. Ultimately, Aerie’s #BeReal campaign and Victoria’s Secret Pink chose her as their “plus-size consultant” for try-on videos and reviews.

She created a series of “clothing pulls” on TikTok where she buys pieces from various brands and films herself taking them out of their packaging. These videos have gone viral, with many people commenting on how relatable they are.

Online shoppers often rely on the “find my fit” feature, which promises to help customers determine their ideal clothing size based on height and weight. But Remi Bader, an influential virtual creator and fashionista who posts realistic hauls on TikTok, cautions that this flawed system could pose risks to customers.

In her latest TikTok video, she discusses this problem and provides some helpful advice for avoiding it in the future. She urges viewers to only purchase quality items made from quality materials. Furthermore, they should purchase clothing that fits their body type perfectly and can be worn for an extended period of time.

She emphasizes the importance of being honest about your body when making purchases, and if you feel unsatisfied with how your clothes look on you, consider switching up styles. She suggests trying on items first and wearing them for a day or two before purchasing them to guarantee they fit correctly.

She has experienced negative responses from the plus-size community during her time as a social media influencer. Some claim her videos are fake, while others hold that she promotes an insensitive message.

Some of her viewers have also complained that she is promoting an unhealthy body image. The 27-year-old claims she has experienced backlash for being the face of body positivity on TikTok – a title which she strongly objects to.

As a result, she has begun to question the legitimacy of both her platform and work. At first, she just wanted to create relatable videos for viewers to laugh at, but with success comes an increased awareness of body size issues.

Her work has been featured in magazines and TV shows such as Vogue, People, Cosmopolitan, On Air With Ryan Seacrest and E! News. Additionally, she’s been part of campaigns for Aerie, Nova and Claudia Oshry. Represented by Stetts Model Management and Curve @ Muse Model Management respectively, she continues to gain recognition.

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