How Old Is Missy Lanning

How Old Is Missy Lanning?

Missy Lanning is an American YouTube celebrity best known for her Daily Bumps vlog and has amassed over 800,000 subscribers to her channel. Additionally, she is an author, singer and photographer; many of her followers adore her lifestyle tips, beauty tutorials and vlogs about family life; they often comment to show their appreciation and have even shown their financial support by purchasing one or more of her books.

Born October 27th 1989, in California United States. Her parents are Jim and Suzanne Hollister; she has two siblings named Jimmy and Cassie with large social media followings of their own; Bryan Lanning is her husband; together they share two sons named Oliver and Finley who she currently shares custody over with him.

Early in their marriage, this couple experienced difficulty starting a family. They suffered through several miscarriages and stillbirth before finally giving birth to Finley. Their story touched millions of women who shared similar issues in their own lives; as a result, the couple established Daily Bumps YouTube channel so others could follow along their journey.

They quickly rose to fame through vlogging on YouTube, yet wanted something more. Feeling an urge to give back, they began posting content related to their daily routines as well as filming the activities of their children as featured subjects of their vlogs.

After posting daily vlogs for several months, the Lanning family saw an exponentially increasing viewership. Unfortunately, their viewership began to level off as they ran out of topics to discuss or document. To maintain their success and sustain growth, they needed an additional child.

In 2022, the family revealed they are expecting their third and first daughter child together! They are very pleased to welcome a new member into their lives and plan to post videos detailing family life on both YouTube and Instagram.

Missy spends her free time enjoying various hobbies and interests, including reading, photography, learning, traveling and internet browsing. Indulging in these hobbies not only relaxes but also refreshes and inspires her while providing new perspectives into her work – they have contributed greatly to the popularity of Missy’s channel as well as leading to partnerships with renowned brands and companies.

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