How Old Is Florian On Darcey And Stacey

How Old Is Florian Sukaj On Darcey And Stacey?

Florian Sukaj has become a household name due to the 90 Day Fiance spinoff Darcey & Stacey. Stacey and Florian share a close bond, yet have gone through numerous ups and downs in their relationship over time. Stacey attempted to make her marriage work with Florian but faced issues due to Florian reluctance to secure employment; as Stacey has had to be his main source of income which caused rifts within their marriage.

Season 4 of TLC show Married at First Sight has shown how married couple Stacey and Justin relocated to Miami in order to promote their House of Eleven fashion line, as well as open a restaurant located within its city limits. On the premiere episode, Michael Benz- a DJ/fashion designer who’s followed them since first dating on TLC- resurfaces to visit them after being separated for some time; their meeting comes amid some tension as Benz revealed his former flame Georgi Rusev had visited Miami so they could meet and catch up.

Due to running their business and writing their book simultaneously with filming season eight of Darcey & Stacey, the twin sisters have had little time left over for family or friends – yet are able to maintain an undisrupted sibling bond regardless of their busy schedules.

While many viewers of the show have thoroughly enjoyed watching Stacey and Florian navigate their various relationship challenges on screen, some are dismayed that Stacey married Florian without receiving approval from his parents first – seeing it as evidence that she’s taking her role as wife seriously enough.

Florian has had difficulty finding employment since arriving in America. While he worked as a model in Albania, finding employment has proved much harder here. This difficulty has created tension within their marriage as Stacey feels that Florian isn’t trying hard enough to secure work opportunities.

Florian may have found an answer to his dilemma. In the Season 4 premiere, Florian was seen sporting an unexpected set of teeth: straight and white teeth replaced his old dull-colored and gapped sets and many social media users believe this may be his attempt at landing modeling gigs.

Florian was born in 1994 and currently stands 28 years old, with an age gap of 19 years between him and Stacey Silva, his wife. Florian boasts an attractive appearance and sports an athletic body physique; standing 5ft 10inch while weighing more than 75kg.

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