How My Dog Sees Himself When The Doorbell Rings

How My Dog Sees Himself When the Doorbell Rings

Your dog barking at visitors visiting is not only annoying for you, but is a sure sign of fear in his behavior and could present real problems when visitors come calling on your home.

Dogs are territorial animals that perceive visitors as potential threats to their territory and home, often reacting with excessive barking or even aggressive behavior when threatened. While this is natural instinct for protecting family, this response can sometimes escalate and turn into excessive barking or aggressive behaviors that threaten other members of their pack.

Unfortunately, this problem can be quickly and effectively addressed with consistent daily training. The first step should be desensitizing your dog to the sound and vibration of a doorbell; this can be achieved by placing him or her in an undisturbed location such as their bed or mat with visitors standing outside your door and when someone rings the bell or knocks, ask your pup to sit quietly until their visitor rings or knocks again, at which time ask him or her to remain sitting quietly before slowly closing the door so your pup won’t get too overexcited or start running toward them or getting excited upon seeing someone standing outside!

Repeat this process over several days, then progress to having someone ring the bell while your dog remains still and stays quiet. Be very consistent here – recruit a family or friend willing to play this part for a few days or weeks as your pup likely won’t appreciate this!

Over time, this will teach your dog that hearing the doorbell means they are going home and should not allow anyone who isn’t invited in. This method should help reduce noise and excitement caused by hearing the bell ring and can make life much simpler for both yourself and guests! Best wishes with your training efforts – good luck and keep up the hard work!

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