How Many Years Ago Was 1987

How Many Years Ago Was 1987?

How many years ago did 1987 occur? The answer is almost thirty-seven years ago. And the debate of the day was a very interesting one. As a political reporter, I’d watched the debate in 1987, and compared Joe Biden’s comments with those of a British politician named Neil Kinnock. I was struck by the similarities in the speeches of the British politician and Biden’s.

The first half of 1987 saw stock markets soar to record heights. The DJIA alone grew 44 percent in seven short months, raising concerns about an asset bubble. Meanwhile, a storm of negative news reports undermined investor confidence, causing further volatility. In mid-October, the federal government reported a larger than expected trade deficit, which caused the dollar to lose value. This news was only a preview of the stock market losses of a week later.

Several events happen that year. Fiji is created as a sovereign nation. Alain Prost becomes the world’s most successful F1 driver, surpassing Jackie Stewart’s record of five world championships. The United States ratifies Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement. This opens the door to NAFTA. The Philippines becomes a republic. Twenty-three people are killed in the Great Storm of 1987 in southern England. The American Physical Society hosts its annual meeting. 51 presentations are made on high-temperature superconductors.

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