How Many Deaths At Windrock Park

How Many Deaths at Windrock Park in the Last Few Days

How Many Deaths at Windrock Park

Unfortunately, Windrock Park has seen several tragedies recently. On June 14th, a twelve-year-old boy was swept away by the Virgin River’s strong current and pulled under. Luckily for his mother she managed to hold on until rescuers came and helped save her. This incident serves as a stark reminder that park visitors may not exercise appropriate precaution when wading near river banks.

On Thursday evening, two people were killed in an ATV accident on Highway 116 (known as New River Highway) when it left the road and crashed off-road into brush and trees. Rescuers took more than an hour to arrive as they cut through brush and trees on their way there. According to authorities, 47-year-old Ronnie Akins of North Carolina and 19-year-old Dillon Akins both from North Carolina died. Both victims had been guests at Windrock Park – a privately owned off-roading park that sits on 73,000 acres near Oliver Springs with hundreds of miles of trails stretching across various counties.

On New Year’s Day, while performing his duties at the South Entrance Station on New Year’s Day, a seasonal fee collector collapsed and fell through an entrance station window. An English visitor quickly rushed in through an opening in order to start mouth-to-mouth resuscitation; later clearing his airway and providing CPR until park medics arrived; unfortunately he later passed away from complications at a local hospital.

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