Holly Golightly Pink Dress

A Holly Golightly Pink Dress From Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Anyone who has ever watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s will recall Holly Golightly as one of the most beloved and iconic movie characters ever. Her style icon status continues to inspire fashionistas around the globe.

She’s a fashion icon in real life, with an extensive fashion history that dates back to her childhood days. She’s donned everything from Chanel suits to Gucci dresses, serving as an inspiration to numerous designers throughout her career.

Her looks in Breakfast at Tiffany’s are renowned for their stunning elegance, thanks to Audrey Hepburn and fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy’s collaboration.

The designer collaborated closely with Hepburn to craft a collection of outfits inspired by Hepburn’s own wardrobe and various accessories, such as hats, pearls and statement jewelry.

In one scene, Hepburn dons a knee-length dress made of hot pink silk that features fan-shaped appliques all over. It is topped off with an elegant rhinestone bow at the waistline. Her matching hat also has fan-shaped appliques on its neckline.

This look is the ideal way for your daughter to honor her most beloved character. In this look, your daughter can recreate her favorite movie character – making it ideal for any child with a passion for classic Hollywood films!

On daytime, she sports a trench coat and beige kitten heels. Come evening, however, she transforms into an all-black look in a sleeveless black dress.

This beautiful sleeveless dress from Hubert de Givenchy’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie can be dressed up or down according to your mood.

She wears a pair of large, oversized Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses and an elegant necklace featuring pearl strands. To complete her ensemble she adds a whimsical hat that matches her hair as well as some black gloves for extra security.

Her earrings are in the same hue as her hat, and they match her bracelet. Additionally, she donned her signature lavender ear plugs which can be purchased separately in this set!

For a more casual look, she can also don jeans and a trenchcoat. Additionally, her signature scarf sunglasses style is often featured in her films.

Her look for the final scene of the movie is one of her more relaxed outfits. She wears a simple beige cowl-neck sweater, black cigarette pants and loafers.

This outfit is very similar to the one she wore in the film, except with an accent jewel at the center of her dress and two pairs of stud earrings. Additionally, she donned classic Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses and a hat that matched her trench coat.

This outfit is ideal for any fan of the movie and it will make your child look like the most fashionable kid in town! Whether they’re dressing up for their next fancy dinner or celebrating Halloween, this is an ode to this iconic movie.

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