Holly After Gbs Divorce

Holly After GBS Divorce

Holly is an author, Guillain-Barre Syndrome survivor and mother to six (plus one dog). As Holly After GBS on social media she shares her healing stories to inspire others not to give up hope. Additionally she’s writing her memoir and using it as an opportunity to empower other patients going through similar experiences.

Holly was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS). Over 72 hours, Holly became paralyzed from her neck down and needed life support – eventually being hospitalized completely paralyzed and breathing on an artificial respirator; unable to move, speak or hold onto her newborn daughter.

Holly credits Pasquale with helping her through this trying time and credits him as being instrumental in getting through it all. But even with all his love and support, watching Holly struggle was heart-wrenching – it was heart-wrenching to watch but Holly knew she needed to fight for herself and her daughter; learning how to breathe on her own again; using hands and feet independently again and walking again were essential parts of recovery.

After many months in hospital and receiving intensive physiotherapy sessions, she finally managed to come off of the ventilator, using her fingers again and walking independently on her own. Vowing never to take anything for granted again, she continued her recovery process so she could return home with her daughter.

Holly has come a long way, thanks to hard work and with the support of her husband Pasquale and daughter Casey by her side, living her best life! Her journey is truly inspirational; it shows just how strong and determined someone can be; we all should take note from Holly’s example by living our lives to the fullest! We stand with you Holly – thank you for inspiring us never give up!

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