Hidden Valley Ranch Hanukkah Sweater

Hidden Valley Ranch’s Holiday Collection

If you’re a fan of Hidden Valley Ranch, you may be interested in the brand’s new holiday collection. This year, the ranch has branched out from its usual keg and condiments to include a full line of holiday themed items. For starters, the brand has produced a few ranch-themed items like a mini-keg and a faux wine bag that contains a bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.

The company has also produced an oversized bottle of its creamy ranch dressing. It is a magnum sized bottle, holding 1.75 liters instead of the typical 8 ounces. You can get your hands on one beginning December 3.

One of the more interesting products in the lineup is the HVR Christmas tree ornament, which includes a three tier condiment fountain. Also in the collection are a snow globe and an HVR bottle and shaker ornament set. They are all worth checking out.

There are also several other notable Hidden Valley merch items to be found. From a hefty onesie to a hat, there are plenty of options to be had. In addition to the new line of holiday swag, the brand has a new merch line that you may not have been aware of.

Apparently, the best and most unique thing that the company has to offer is its new merch line. From a cowboy hat and winter beanies to a menorah topped with ranch dressing containers, the ranch has a gift for everyone. To top it all off, the company is donating $15 to charity for every bottle of Original Ranch that is sold.

Other notable offerings in the new line of products include a t-shirt and a pair of socks, the latter of which features a bottle of HVR. While the brand does not sell candy canes flavored with ranch, you can still enjoy the holiday flavor at your favorite store. A few other novelty items to check out are the faux-twinkle lights and the ranch-themed onesie, the latter of which is available in several cozy sizes.

Despite the plethora of holiday swag on display at the Hidden Valley Ranch Shop, the brand’s most exciting product might be its new Magnum Bottle, which comes in a custom designed box and is priced at $25. Not a bad price for a 750ml sized bottle of creamy ranch. That’s not to mention the oh-so-popular “magnum sized” keg, a five liter version of its most popular product.

Another notable homage to the brand is its green holiday sweater, which is a real snazzier-meets-cheesy looking number. The brand even has a holiday-themed flask, which is a fancy little item. But the best part is that it is a cinch to order, thanks to an online order system that offers fast and free shipping.

The Hidden Valley ranch is a popular condiment among Americans and the merch line is a nod to that fact. The company has also released a few other items, including a t-shirt and a sweater emblazoned with a faux-Hanukkah shamrock.

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