Henry Cavill The Tonight Show

Henry Cavill Appearing on The Tonight Show

Henry Cavill may be best known as one of Hollywood’s leading men; however, Henry has proven his acting chops time after time in films like Showtime’s Tudors, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel and Netflix’s Geralt of Rivia. His charismatic performances make him one of Hollywood’s leading men.

With upcoming projects like Argylle and two more Guy Ritchie movies on his schedule, Cavill is taking full advantage of his hero role and is fully capable of inhabiting it effortlessly. Thanks to his height, broad build, and strong jawline he possesses all of the physical characteristics required to perform it convincingly.

No secret exists regarding Henry Cavill’s fitness routine – working out to maintain his lean physique is something he takes pride in doing – however recently revealed that his workout partner is there with him every step of the way! While on The Tonight Show he discussed his training regimen and how it changes when filming blockbusters.

“When working on a movie that requires heavy lifting or stunts, preparation is key if you hope to return immediately after completion.

Henry Jr. often comes with him to workouts and provides extra assistance by lifting weights – making his routine much simpler and effective.

Cavill also discussed his passion for football and his appreciation of the Kansas City Chiefs since being inspired to watch them by Superman. He even attended one game at Arrowhead Stadium which he found truly exciting!

As for his project with the director of The Count of Monte Cristo, it has been underway for some time and should be released some time in 2022.

Cavill was at San Diego Comic-Con when he pulled the Guy Fawkes mask trick during a Suicide Squad meet and greet. Crouched behind Deadshot’s booth, Henry took pictures before Will Smith noticed and started laughing out loud; footage has gone viral since. Watch it below; Henry Cavill truly is one of Hollywood’s funniest guys right now.

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