Heidi Klum Emilio Sosa Dress

Project Runway Contestant Emilio Sosa Dresses Heidi Klum on the Red Carpet

Project Runway contestant Emilio Sosa designed a dress specifically with Heidi Klum in mind for the Episode 11 challenge and won, promising to wear it on the red carpet at The Back-Up Plan’s premiere on April 21 in Westwood, California. True to her word, Sosa donned the look at that event.

Klum loves Sosa’s metallic dress with its sultry hemline, but it’s the thigh-high slit that truly stands out and transforms it into something more like art than a garment. She shortened it to knee length, accessorized with purple sandal stilettos, and took to the red carpet wearing it.

This daring dress is one of the most iconic looks to come out of the show, so it’s no surprise that Klum is sporting it again on the red carpet this week. She donned it for the Los Angeles premiere of The Back-Up Plan and has already shared photos showing off how stylish she looked in it.

Heidi is an absolute fashion enthusiast and frequently extols the work of designers. She especially admires William Ivey Long’s designs, Charles James’ designs, The Wiz director Geoffrey Holder’s costumes, and she credits Geoffrey Holder with teaching her the practical craft of designing.

She enjoys Mondo Guerra’s designs, who hails from Denver and are known for his voluminous frocks and daring designs. In fact, she even donned a sleeveless version of his “bubble dress” from Season 8 to the Black Swan screening at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Sosa, who lives in New York City, has been designing since he was 14. His experience includes working as assistant wardrobe supervisor for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and costume design work on Spike Lee’s Red Hook Summer film.

He attended the Pratt Institute and credits his couturier Charles James as an influence. Additionally, he credits Geoffrey Holder, his mentor in couture design, with being another major inspiration.

His most renowned creation is the Barbarella bodysuit he donned for the New York City premiere of the film’s sequel on February 26. While it wasn’t exactly suitable for the sultry actress, Sosa says he was proud of his design due to its unique look, worn-in quality and stylish appeal.

A look like this is certainly not for the timid, but one Sosa will likely revisit in the future. He reportedly designed it to give his models an “intense sensuous experience.”

The dress has plenty of sultry elements, and it may not be a bad idea to go for that kind of look. However, it does look like something that could serve as crime scene investigation evidence – making it an unwieldy style to pull off.

Michael finds the dress to be a bit wide in the bust, and Michael thinks it may not be flattering for Heidi. But all the judges love it – Nina even complimented it by calling it “impeccable” and “liquid gold.” The fabric is so stunning that it could have looked cheap but instead stands out beautifully.

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