Heavenly Joy Jerkins Net Worth

Heavenly Joy Jerkins Net Worth

Fans of America’s Got Talent may already be familiar with Heavenly Joy Jerkins. She quickly gained notoriety on the show, with her performances being viewed millions of times on YouTube.

She is the offspring of record producer Rodney Jerkins and singer Joy Enriquez. As an American singer-tap dancer, she made a splash on Season 10 of America’s Got Talent. Additionally, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston featured her background vocals on their hit single “When You Believe”.

Her father is a songwriter, record producer and music artist with an estimated net worth of $30 million. He has collaborated with many renowned stars like Toni Braxton, Lindsay Lohan, Keyshia Cole, Brandy, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez to name just a few.

As a singer, she has featured on multiple television shows and movies. Additionally, she has released numerous albums and songs with pop/R&B genres.

Heavenly Joy was born on November 17, 2009 in Calabasas, California to singer/songwriter Joy Enriquez and music producer Rodney Jerkins.

As a child, she began competing in singing and dance competitions. Her mother is an accomplished singer who has performed on television, films, and released multiple albums and singles.

She has won over many hearts and is widely considered as one of the cutest child singers in existence. Her powerful voice and incredible talent has truly left everyone who hears her sing enchanted.

At the tender age of five, she made her television debut on America’s Got Talent where she performed an enchanting rendition of In Summer from Disney’s Frozen that left all judges in awe. Voted unanimously through to Judge Cuts round, it proved to be her moment in the spotlight.

After her appearance on The Today Show, she went on to appear on several other television programs as well. Additionally, she has her own YouTube channel and Instagram page.

As a young child, she developed an interest in singing and dancing, sparking her passion for music. Her family has always supported her decision to pursue a career in entertainment.

She has been an influential presence on social media since she was young, with a large following on both Instagram and Facebook.

Her social media profiles demonstrate her enthusiasm and love of performing live. Additionally, she is passionate about acting and hopes to become a social media personality in the future.

She is currently unattached but has many close school friends. Her net worth is estimated to be approximately $100K USD.

Her family is immensely pleased and proud of her successes. They wish her every success in both acting and singing.

She is an incredibly beautiful child with a cheerful outlook on life. She sincerely cares about others and would love to assist those less fortunate than herself. It has become abundantly clear to the world that she wishes to use her fame for good in some way or another.

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