Harry Potter Cat Accessories

Harry Potter Cat Accessories Help Transform Cats Into Wizards

No doubt about it – cats play an integral part in the Harry Potter universe. From serving as witches’ familiars to having key roles in books and movies such as Hedwig (owl), Crookshanks (cat), Scabbers (rat) and Trevor (toad), these felines contribute greatly to its magic – something pet owners can participate in with Harry Potter-themed accessories for their cats to turn them into magical beings! Now pet parents can join the fun with special accessories to turn their cats into magical beings!

Cats can easily transform themselves into wizards using costumes and cloaks with Velcro closures at the neck for easy dressing up! Each color house offers matching collar and leashes to complete the look!

If you don’t feel like dressing your cat, why not give them a collar with the Hogwarts Crest instead? Crafted with cotton for comfort and fitted with a breakaway buckle to provide safety, these unique collars feature charms and crystals for visual interest, creating something both functional and aesthetically pleasing!

Dog owners also have many choices available to them to dress their pets as magical creatures, from collars and harnesses constructed with comfortable padded neoprene material for optimal comfort to items featuring repeating house crests on leashes and harnesses that complete the look.

Other items in the collection include a dog t-shirt that shows your canine’s Hogwarts house affiliation and sweater and tennis ball featuring each house crest; additionally, owners can use a sorting hat toy to find out which house their pup belongs in.

And they don’t stop at big furry creatures – toys such as plush owls and Nimbus 2000 rope tug toys provide options for smaller furry friends, while there’s even an exclusive collection of Harry Potter Tamagotchis that allows kids to care for and play with fantastic beasts from the films franchise!

These Harry Potter cat accessories make great presents for fans of the series, whether it’s yourself or another fan. Be mindful when shopping with regard to your animal’s needs so as not to create an out-of-place creature more reminiscent of Professor Minerva McGonagall than someone who prefers sleeping all day!

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