Happy Birthday Schitts Creek Images

Happy Birthday Schitts Creek Images

If your favorite Schittt’s Creek fanatic has a birthday coming up, show them that you care with one of these fun happy birthday schittts creek images! These cards feature some of the series’ most memorable lines – guaranteed to make your friend or partner giggle out loud!

Schittts Creek birthday cards offer endless customization options! Choose a picture for the front, then customize the inside text to make it as personalized as possible!

For any Johnny Rose fan, this “Holy Schitt, It’s Your Birthday” card will be the ideal present. Featuring its iconic quote and customizable message inside, it’s sure to please!

In a 2019 interview with Esquire, Dan Levy noted that much of bigotry stems from fear. “‘Schitt’s Creek’ is the story of how gay men can be accepted and celebrated without fear of rejection or discrimination,”

Dan also shared that he wanted to convey that David Rose’s sexuality on the show wasn’t meant to be an issue; rather, he wanted to present “a love story that was slightly more normal than what we usually see on television.”

What’s more, with Boomf you can even customize your Schittt’s Creek card to perfection! Simply click the “Create your own” button and add in your own photos, text messages, and more for an individualized card that perfectly reflects who you are!

Johnny and Moira Rose, along with their children David and Alexis, must confront the harsh reality of life in a small town. Through this darkly humorous yet poignant comedy, they discover that it’s not all about wealth–sometimes it’s about family and friendship.

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