Halle Berry And Young Ma Dating

Halle Berry and Young M.A. Are Dating

Halle Berry is a big name in Hollywood, but she also has a flirty side. Recently, she opened up about her relationship status in an interview and revealed that she’s currently dating music producer Van Hunt; according to sources, they’ve been together for two months.

Halle and her musician beau have been dating for several months now, and it appears the relationship is blossoming. She’s not shy about sharing her affection on social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat; in fact, on Tuesday at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards she revealed to PEOPLE she considers him her “love of my life”!

Oscar winner Arnold and 29-year-old rapper Young M.A. have collaborated to create a soundtrack for Berry’s movie Bruised, streaming on Netflix. The album includes six original songs from various artists including Young M.A.

Young M.A shared a video on Instagram featuring Berry hugging her neck and calling her “my baby right here,” as well as calling her an “adorable.”

Young M.A may have shared this sultry moment on social media, but it wasn’t the first time she and Berry have shared a cute moment on the platform. In one photo, the Brooklyn rap star posed for a selfie alongside the actress.

Young M.A stirred up dating rumors earlier this year when she shared a photo of herself hugging influencer Kaylah Gooden, who is also her friend. In the photo, the two are seen snuggling and giggling affectionately.

Another endearing moment between them occurred when Young M.A shared a picture of herself and Halle Berry on her Instagram page. In the image, Halle is wearing a white blouse while holding M.A’s hand with a smile.

Once they were spotted together, both posted videos of themselves together on social media. While it remains unclear what the purpose behind these posts, fans cannot help but adore them.

Berry has long been renowned for her glamorous looks and Oscar-winning acting career. Now she’s taking her career to the next level with her first directorial debut and soundtrack featuring rappers Cardi B, Saweetie, H.E.R., City Girls and more.

In the film, Berry stars as a former mixed martial arts fighter who walks away from competition to focus on her personal life. However, when her son returns home for a visit, she is thrust back into competition. When you know that this all-female hip-hop soundtrack was executive produced by Berry and curated by rap queen Cardi B, fans are sure to enjoy every minute of it when it hits theaters on Nov. 17.

On November 17, Bruised hits theaters and stars Berry as Jackie Justice, an ex-MMA fighter who has taken a break from competition but returns home when her son visits. While Berry’s Jackie battles her demons and attempts to regain her old skillsets, she also must learn how to be a better mother for her child.

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