Grip Clean Shark Tank Update

Grip Clean – A Shark Tank Update

Bryce Hudson, a professional motocross rider, entered Shark Tank to pitch his industrial strength hand soap called Grip Clean. Not only was the fact that he had experience investing in his business venture that got him on the show; but more importantly, it was his unique product which impressed everyone else.

Grip Clean is an all-natural industrial-strength hand soap that uses dirt as its active ingredient to remove grease and oil from hands. As dirt absorbs oils and toxins, it also exfoliates skin. Furthermore, its dirt is safe even for people with sensitive skin – making Grip Clean the ideal choice for those seeking a non-chemical alternative to harsh soaps.

Bryce needed additional capital and business expertise in order to make his product successful, so he turned to Shark Tank to see if anyone would help him spread awareness about his soap. He had plenty of ideas and plans for improvement, but in order to get them into stores, he needed help from the sharks.

On this episode, Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner invested in Bryce Hudson’s product. He requested $85,000 for 20% equity in the company, hoping one of the sharks could help him launch it successfully.

He presented the soap and gave some background on his company. Crafted with coconut and olive oil, this bar of soap is intended to remove grease from hands. The dirt inside acts as an active grease remover, making it safe even for those with allergies or other skin conditions.

Bryce is an entrepreneur with a green mindset who strives to make his product as eco-friendly as possible. He believes that using organic ingredients will enhance its quality, making it more desirable to customers. Although he offers various items, his favorite is hand soap – organically derived and designed with love by him!

His business also sells silicone scrubbers and Marker Parker, a drawing pen for kids that retails at $15 and costs approximately $3 to make. With such an expansive potential market share, his business had losses of $77k in 2022 which necessitated assistance from sharks.

Bryce entered the shark tank with hopes of selling his product for a substantial amount of money, and was successful in convincing Lori Greiner to make a deal. Unfortunately, Lori wasn’t satisfied with what she saw from Bryce’s product and wanted to evaluate its workings before investing any more funds. Additionally, she wanted to know what other businesses he had in his company; she didn’t like how things were spread out so asked him to focus on his hero product instead.

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