Greatest Showman Albino Twins

Albino Twins in The Greatest Showman

One of the most captivating elements of The Greatest Showman is how it celebrates people once considered “freaks.” Through performing in the circus, these individuals gain a newfound self-worth and dignity; Barnum (Hugh Jackman) then provides them with the means to pursue their passions.

Though not every individual who has fallen prey to the circus was as fortunate or happy as those depicted in The Greatest Showman, many stories of individuals caught up in its net remain just as inspiring. Barnum’s exhibits were seen by some as an attempt to promote eugenics within America – with the idea that someone with an unusual feature poses a potential threat to society.

Barnum’s exhibitions featured a number of characters who could not dance or sing, such as Heth, who was partially paralyzed and could not move her arms. Her story was not included in The Greatest Showman, and she passed away after spending her whole life being on display.

The film includes several characters with albinism, such as Chang and Eng Bunker – conjoined twins from Siam in 1811 who featured prominently in Barnum’s exhibits. Their inclusion was an integral part of their story.

Their performances enabled them to become part of Barnum’s show, and their show-stopping song and dance routines captured audiences’ attention. Unfortunately, however, their real-life association with Barnum wasn’t quite so glamorous.

Another significant aspect of The Greatest Showman is its diversity and inclusivity of all characters, even those not typically perceived as attractive or strong. To create their characters onscreen, many actors and actresses had to undergo physical transformations so they looked more like their characters.

Additionally, some actors were required to wear wigs and makeup in order to alter their physical features for the movie. Some even underwent CGI treatments in order to appear taller, shorter, thinner or fatter in the frame.

Keala Settle made a name for herself in The Greatest Showman as Lettie Lutz, Barnum’s initial attraction. Though only 16 at the time of filming, Settle quickly excelled at her role and won over audiences with her singing abilities.

The Greatest Showman is not only an amazing movie with wonderful music and songs, but it’s also a beautiful tribute to those who were once labeled freaks or outcasts. So if you need some ideas for Halloween costumes this year, here are some of the greatest showman albino twins!

These albino twins, part of the Bawar family in Sao Paulo, Brazil, have been modeling for Nike, Insanis and Bazaar Kids. With over 6,000 Instagram followers, these girls serve as a reminder of how diverse society can be.

It is worth noting that many of the actors in The Greatest Showman have previously appeared in Broadway musicals, which is an indication of their talent. Aside from Zendaya and Zac Efron, Rebecca Ferguson and Jenny Lind also star as vocalists and dancers respectively.

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