Ginger Hayes Son Now

Jeremy Hayes and Ginger Hayes Son Now Face the Loss of Their Loved One

On the day of Ginger Hayes’ disappearance, her husband Jeremy and 11-month-old son Nicholas stopped at a nearby store for snacks; while Jeremy entered, Ginger left their rental car behind so she could change Nicholas’ diaper. When the couple returned, their rental car had vanished! Initially they thought it was just an idle joke but as time progressed they became increasingly worried and began searching desperately.

At a press conference held in July, Jeremy revealed his shock over what had transpired with his wife and newborn son. Jeremy tried calling out for them repeatedly without success – though “I don’t want to forget him”. To honor their memory Jeremy established an educational foundation named in their honor that has raised over $750,000 for children who require assistance locally.

After Ginger’s passing, her family has struggled to come to terms with her absence and try to put their lives back together again. Grief will always remain present; they’ll miss all the small milestones like Christmas without Ginger, birthdays without her or riding bikes alone – these were moments that meant everything.

But they won’t forget her, and will strive to ensure their son receives the life he deserves in a world without people like Andre Edwards.

Ginger was dedicated to teaching her children responsibility and standing up for themselves. As an outgoing, friendly and popular employee at a local drugstore, coworkers admired how passionate she was about both work and family life.

Medical examiners have determined that Ginger died as the result of multiple blows to her head, suggesting she may have survived up to an hour before being fatally assaulted by Edwards who has denied killing his former lover.

At present, Jeremy is working toward moving to Pope Air Force Base in Fayetteville, North Carolina near Hampton where his family currently resides. This move would reduce road trips between Hampton and their respective families in North and South Carolina as well as making it easier for his son to see his grandparents more frequently. Though their journey will not be an easy one, eventually joy, happiness, love, and family bonding will return – an integral component of family life! This article is part of our special series called “A Mother’s Story” which explores struggles and triumphs from mothers from various walks of life – read more stories here!

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