Gillian Pensavalle Husband

Gillian Pensavalle’s Husband

You may have seen her in “The Big Short” and “The Devil Wears Prada.” But do you know her husband? It turns out that she has been married for almost nine years to Michael Paul Smith. What is he doing to support a woman this wealthy? Find out in this article. Here is a closer look at Gillian Pensavalle’s husband Michael Paul Smith.

She is an executive producer and writer for The Residuals, a comedy series based on real-life commercial auditions. Before her husband made the show, she was a senior on-air host for Zazoom Media Group. In addition to that, she pitched videos for Buzz60, a digital magazine that garnered tens of millions of views. She is also an actor, podcaster, producer, and podcaster.

As of writing this article, Gillian Pensavalle’s net worth is between $50 and $150,000, and her estimated salary ranges from $40,000 to $100,000 per episode. An average celebrity married person earns $50,000. You can check out Gillian Pensavalle‚Äôs Instagram page to see if her net worth is higher. The page gets about 43,800 followers, and she has paid advertisers a certain amount for each post.

We don’t know the net worth of Gillian Pensavalle, but she has never spoken out about it. Despite the fact that she’s been married for a decade, she doesn’t have any kids yet. Her husband’s salary, however, does not seem to be that high. Regardless of Gillian Pensavalle’s income, it seems that she has a wonderful life and a wonderful career.

Gillian hosts “True Crime Obsessed”, a podcast about true crime documentaries. It boasts over 5000 five-star reviews on Apple Podcasts, and consistently ranks in the top 200 podcasts on the website. She is also the creator of “The Hamilcast – A Hamilton Podcast”, which debuted in January 2016. Interviews with the cast, creative team and composers of the hit musical are featured on the show.

Gillian Pensavalle stars alongside Michael Paul Smith in “The Residuals”, which is a romantic comedy that’s based on their own auditions for commercials in New York City. Smith plays aspiring actor Pete Hamilton and Pensavalle is his soft-hearted casting assistant Valerie. He is also portrayed by Nick Costa, his roommate in acting, and Kelly Warne, his age.

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