Gilbert The Party Pig

Gilbert the Party Pig – A Pig For a Party

Are you searching for a fun way to entertain your kids or other adults at an event? Gilbert the party pig is just what you need! He travels around New England allowing people to meet and pet this adorable little pig while providing them with entertainment.

A Pig for a Party

I first encountered Gilbert when my daughter, who was teaching preschool, brought him to class. Since then, he’s become quite the traveling celebrity around New England.

He visits schools, nursing homes, birthday parties and private home gatherings to add a special touch to special events. As an American mini pig of under 300 pounds, he brings magic to these special occasions.

His owner, Michelle Burns, loves watching him shine at various events and says she enjoys seeing the smiles on people’s faces as he lights up the room.

She had been a preschool teacher in Connecticut before her husband presented her with Gilbert as a birthday present on her 40th. Since then, the two of them have been raising Gilbert together with Meadow as they travel around the state for social events to make people smile.

Gilbert the Party Pig is an actual live pig who can perform tricks, get pets and pose for photos. His Facebook page allows you to book him for your next party or special event.

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Henchmen: This term derives from “to nose,” as described in a 1874 slang dictionary. Initially, it was applied to policemen and detectives who used their snouts as tools for detecting criminal activity.

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