Genevieve Grey Mcgee

Genevieve Grey McGee

Genevieve Grey McGee was born on February 25, 2016. She will be five years old in 2021. Her parents are NBA player JaVale Mcgee and actress Giselle Ramirez. They began dating in late 2015, and were married in June 2016. Both McGees are very private and do not disclose the parents of their child. Tiffany Montgomery, Tiffany’s sister, is an actress.

JaVale McGee has a daughter named Genevieve Grey McGee. She is not yet old enough to be in a relationship. However, she does appear to be a celebrity child. Giselle Ramirez is the mother of her son JaVale McGee (NBA player), and has been with her father for over a decade. She is their only child and her parents do not plan to marry.

JaVale McGee’s girlfriend, Giselle Ramirez, is also the mother of Genevieve Grey McGee. Giselle Ramirez and JaVale started dating in 2015 and welcomed their child together. Both were in the real-estate industry at the time they met. Giselle has a long-term relationship to the actor. They now live together in Los Angeles, California.

McGee has not spoken out about a wife, despite rumors. The NBA player has only been open about his long-term relationship with Giselle Ramirez. Although it is not clear when they began dating, they have been together since 2015. Their daughter, Genevieve Grey McGee was born on November 3, 2016. The couple have kept fans informed of their family and relationship. And their relationship is still going strong.

Giselle Ramirez and JaVale McGee have been together since 2015. In 2016, they welcomed their first child, a baby girl. Their daughter was named Genevieve Grey McGee by the couple. JaVale McGee is their son and a basketball player with the Lakers. Their daughter is his first child. They have been married since 2015 and love their daughter. They named their daughter after the Lakers centre after they got married.

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