Gail Turkovich Vaughn

Gail Turkovich-Vaughn

Gail Turkovich-Vaughn is an American actress and citizen. She is 52 years old and is a member of the Florida Democratic Party. She is white and does not identify as hispanic. She is registered to vote for Palm Beach County. Although this information is not 100% accurate, it is close enough to what we know about Turkovich.

Mo Vaughn is from Norwalk, Connecticut. He married Gail Turkovich-Vaughn in 2000, and they have a daughter, Grace. In 2010, Mo and Gail adopted Cory, a nephew. Mo Turkovich and Gail met while he was playing with the Cleveland Indians.

Vaughn was a key player for Red Sox after her rookie season. She made her MLB debut in 1992. She was a key contributor to the Red Sox’s 1993 season, scoring 29 home runs and driving in 101 more runs. The following year, she was a free agent and signed with the Anaheim Angels for the highest salary in major league baseball.

Mo Vaughn was born on December 15, 1967, in Norwalk, Connecticut. His career spanned three seasons in Major League Baseball. He was a key player in the Red Sox’s two World Series championships. His popularity earned him the nickname “Mo” in addition to being part of the team. Despite not being born left-handed, he was a student at Trinity-Pawling School in Norwalk, Connecticut. He also played baseball for Mike Sheppard.

Mo Vaughn’s networth is unknown at this time. He is 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs in at 225 lbs. He is married to Gail Turkovich Vaughn and they have one child. Their estimated net worth is $60 million. She is also a mother.

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