Gabrielle Union Wardrobe Malfunction

Gabrielle Union’s Wardrobe Mistake

Gabrielle Union was on the red carpet at an ESPYS pre-party Tuesday, but her revealing dress was quickly overshadowed by a wardrobe malfunction. The 43-year-old actress was all smiles as she posed for cameras, but her low-cut button dress opened too much over her cleavage. She was able to pull herself out of the mishap and turn away from the camera, but it was pretty obvious.

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to make a fashion statement with their outfits, but sometimes that can be hard to pull off. Earlier this week, Union attended the British Fashion Council’s Fashion Awards in London wearing a lime green caped gown and a gravity-defying hairstyle that sparked a conversation among her fans.

The color green has been a hot trend lately, so it’s no surprise that Gabrielle Union would want to embrace it on the red carpet as well. She wore her hair in a mesmerizingly sculptural “braid flower” and finished the look with stunning silver jewelry.

As for the dress itself, it’s a floor-length design by Kwame Adusei that was oh-so-sexy. It featured the most extreme cut outs on the decolletage area.

Luckily, the dress was held together by a string that wrapped criss-crossing along the curves of her chest and stomach. She paired the dress with black heels, which gave it some added height.

There’s no doubt that a wardrobe malfunction can be an awkward and uncomfortable experience for the wearer, but it’s even more so for the audience. That’s why any skilled costume designer, dedicated director or eagle-eyed editor will take steps to ensure that the public never sees a garment flaw.

It’s one thing when a wardrobe mistake is obvious to the viewer, but it’s another entirely when it’s visible during a scene. In the Michael Bay-directed Bad Boys II, Gabrielle Union plays Special Agent Sydney “Syd” Burnett, a character who possesses a more than pretty face.

She’s also the type of character who would likely get a little more than a passing glance if her clothes were perfectly aligned, but her skirt flits apart in a revealing moment during an interview with Elliot (Jesse Owens). The fabric flits from her body to expose her backside, giving viewers a glimpse into her underwear.

The scene wasn’t a big deal, but it was enough to get some viewers riled up. The nip slip, which was so glaringly obvious that it caused people to stop watching, is still a bit of an eye-opener.

When the Devil sits down to interview Elliot (Jesse Owens) in the movie, the fabric flits open and her skimpy underwear is exposed for a second. This is the same kind of wardrobe flaw that fans noticed when Natalie Portman’s Vivian popped up on camera in Pretty Woman, but that film’s version of the wardrobe malfunction was much more subtle than hers.

It’s no surprise that Union’s daughter, Zaya Wade, wore the same dress for her formal dance. She’s a member of Dwyane Wade’s basketball team, so she and her father have a history of attending formals together.

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