Gabe Brown Wearing Eyeliner

Why is Gabe Brown Wearing Eyeliner?

If you’re a fan of Discovery’s Alaskan Bush People, you may have noticed that cast member Gabe Brown is wearing eyeliner. This is something that he hasn’t done in a while, and many fans are still confused about why he decided to start wearing it.

One of the reasons why he started wearing eyeliner is because he’s been mourning the loss of his father. Billy Brown died last year after he suffered a seizure from which he never recovered. This has made a big impact on the rest of the family, and Gabe decided to start wearing eyeliner as a way of remembering his dad.

Another reason why he started wearing eyeliner is that he wanted to look more emo and punk rock. He’s been acting like this ever since his dad passed away, and it seems to be helping him through the grieving process.

He’s also experimenting with different colors of eyeliner as he works to improve his artistic abilities. This could be a way for him to express his creativity and show off his skills as an artist.

What’s more, he might be using it as a means of exploring androgynous looks as well. This could be a way for him and his fans to talk about gender identity and sexuality in a more open and honest manner.

In addition to his creative endeavors, he has also been sharing pictures of himself on social media, and he hasn’t been shy about using eyeliner in some of them. He’s even started wearing it on some of his shows, too.

Despite the fact that he’s still very young, Gabe Brown is already very attractive. His hair is dark and he has long eyebrows, and he’s also got a nice beard.

As of now, he’s been married to his wife Raquell Rose Pantella for more than four years, and they have two daughters together. The couple have recently posted a very touching picture on their Instagram account, and it has been widely shared by their followers.

He is also known to be the funniest person in the Alaskan Bush People family, and it’s easy to see why his fans love him so much. He’s always been a little more relaxed than his brothers Bear and Noah, and his laidback attitude makes him seem like a real nice guy.

However, he hasn’t been the most expressive person on the show, and he hasn’t had a very clear image of himself. That’s why fans are so confused about his new look, and they’re wondering whether he might be going through a goth stage or anything else that may explain this.

The season premiere of Alaskan Bush People featured a lot of scenes with the Brown siblings. They were in the midst of trying to rebuild their family ranch after it was destroyed by a fire. They were also looking for work to make some money.

When they showed up at the logging camp, one of the men called out Gabe for wearing eyeliner and told him that it was “weird.” That’s when viewers realized that Gabe had changed his look, and they couldn’t figure out what he was doing.

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