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Fred Armisen and Amy Poehler Are SNL Legends

Fred Armisen is one of the most beloved cast members in SNL history, known for his signature dry line delivery and star turn in sketches like “Colonel Angus,” “Box,” and “Mom Jeans.”

Amy Poehler is another SNL icon. She co-anchored Weekend Update from 2004 until 2004, when she left to star as Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation. In this role, Poehler portrays an eternal optimist amidst pessimists while striving to make a difference in the world.

She’s also an actress who provided voice acting for the animated films Shrek the Third, Horton Hears a Who!, Hoodwinked Too!, and Inside Out. Additionally, she is both a writer and performer; creating and producing the comedy movie Yes Please which tells her own life story.

On December 12th, NBC will air a holiday special of Peacock’s baking competition series Baking It. Starring SNL alumni Kristen Bell, Nicole Richie, JB Smoove and Fred Armisen as they compete for the title of “Celebrity Bake Off Champion.”

E! News has an exclusive preview of the episode that airs before Saturday Night Live’s debut. In it, a close-knit group of SNL alumni invite their friends to compete for charity by raising money.

On their favorite holidays, they’re asked to “cele-bake,” drawing inspiration from family recipes. Their culinary talents range widely – from vegan banana pudding cake made by Smoove to Austrian schaumrollen prepared by Bell.

Raul Armisen’s competition includes Venezuelan hallacas that he makes using his mother’s recipe, despite never having baked before. Armisen’s deadpan delivery and memorable dry lines make him an unforgettable guest on Saturday Night Live.

Amy Poehler’s memoir Yes Please is filled with admissions that she had no business writing it in the first place. Balancing her busy schedule of working on Parks and Recreation while raising two young children proved impossible as Poehler struggled to complete the book.

But when she finally managed to finish it, the book became an instant best seller. Her memoir details her experiences during pregnancy, childbirth and parenting as well as the difficulties she encountered adjusting to her new role.

Poehler found time to dedicate significant amounts of her energy and efforts towards writing the book, even with her hectic schedule. Although it was one of her most challenging endeavors yet, Poehler believes the process was worth it in the end.

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