Fordham University Kei Komuro Graduate

Kei Komuro, a Fordham University Graduate, Passes the New York Bar Exam

Kei Komuro, her commoner boyfriend from Japan who works at Lowenstein Sandler law firm in Manhattan has passed the New York bar exam despite criticism back home of their romance. Kei is listed on Friday’s list published on the Board of Law Examiners website as having passed July’s bar examination exam.

Komuro, who has made headlines ever since his engagement to Princess Mako was made public in 2017, recently graduated from Fordham University’s School of Law with a Juris Doctor degree. He began attending this American institution after working as a paralegal at a Tokyo law firm. Additionally, he is enrolled in their Master of Laws (LLM) program as well as planning to take his bar exam again next year.

Komuro had an impressive first attempt at the bar exam and achieved a 66% pass rate – more than the average for repeaters. New York doesn’t limit how often an individual can attempt the bar test; John F. Kennedy Jr. failed twice before passing on his third try.

Komuro will specialize in securities and mergers and acquisitions as a lawyer at the firm’s corporate and technology groups, previously serving as law clerk. With his success on the exam paving the way, his promotion from law clerk to associate at New York office may now occur — though the firm did not immediately respond to requests for comment Monday.

Even with their high profile, Mako and Komuro lead relatively quiet lives in Hell’s Kitchen. Neither are members of the imperial family; nor have they made any public appearances together. Their wedding in October 2021 was even unremarkable and registered at the city office of civil affairs without any lavish ceremonies or elaborate registration procedures.

This marriage caused much debate as it breached Japanese law that restricts imperial succession to male descendants with an Emperor in their paternal lineage. Since Princess Mako’s father, who was Crown Prince and first in line for succession, had no sons to inherit his royal status, she gave up this status upon marrying Komuro.

Komuro and Mako seem content together, having expressed the wish to raise a daughter together. Both individuals enjoy dining out and watching movies during their free time.

At present, they’re taking it step by step. Komuro announced at a press conference following their marriage registration that “we’re a family with love”.

“Everything we do, we do for our children.”

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