Focal Clear Cable Upgrade

Focal Clear MG Cable Upgrade

Focal has earned a solid reputation as a producer of premium speakers and headphones, particularly targeting audio professionals and enthusiasts. Its flagship open-back Clear is an iconic model from years gone by that remains testament to the company’s skill.

The Clear MG (pronounced mah-glow) is an upgraded version of the original Clear speaker system, featuring magnesium in its speaker driver and M-shaped dome speaker configuration for superior high-end extension and lightness and dampening characteristics. Additionally, new driver design elements have been implemented which improve lightness and dampening as well as transient response performance.

Focal headphones are all made well; and the Clear MG are no different, featuring an attractive heavy-duty clamp design to keep them securely on your head without becoming uncomfortable with prolonged use or wear.

Focal’s best-selling headphones are easily recognizable for their outstanding design, sound and extreme comfort.

These luxury headphones, manufactured in France, come presented in an exquisite package. Cradled inside an exquisite foam carrying case designed to protect them.

The headphones come equipped with two low-resistivity 24 AWG OFC copper cables – one 3m balanced cable equipped with an XLR 4-pin connector, and another 1.2m unbalanced one featuring an 1/8″ TRS jack – featuring gold-plated terminations featuring heat shrink left/right markings as seen below.

These cables come in various colors and materials to match your Focal Clear or Elegia headphones, with (x2) 3.5mm plugs on one end for your ear-cup and an amp on the other end. Each cord features two 4-pin XLR male connectors to plug directly into an amp on both ends.

Purchase some additional cables when purchasing Clears to keep yourself prepared in case their existing ones break down. I suggest investing in quality 4.4mm TRRS ear-cup cables equipped with extra 6.3mm adapters or even something like Y-shaped braided cables with one end providing access to an earcup jack and another offering 4-pin XLR connectivity as backup options in case your stock ones don’t fit.

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