Five Below Travel Pillow

Five Below Travel Pillows

The ideal travel pillows will ensure that your neck and head remain in their proper positions so you can sleep or read comfortably. Unfortunately, not all travel pillows are created equal. Some designs feature a U-shape that wraps around the neck; Dr. Carla Fischer of NYU Langone Spine Center stresses its significance as the most crucial aspect to consider when shopping for neck braces. “These pillows help prevent lateral bending in the neck, such as when you pinch your cellphone between shoulder and ear,” according to Fischer. Others feature flat surfaces with traditional shapes for better support if that is what is desired; others still allow users to add or subtract air for desired height and firmness adjustments, though Dr. Fischer cautions against overfilling it as it will prevent its shape retention.

Memory foam travel pillows with u-shaped designs may cost more, but they provide comfort in almost any position while traveling or napping. You’ll have no trouble keeping your chin up when sleeping in car seats or plane seats and it is lightweight enough to tuck under luggage or carry-on handles without weighing down luggage or carry on handles. You also receive a pillowcase and storage bag which are machine-washable as well as an adjustable front clasp that enables quick adjustments of position during napping or travel.

Bcozzy offers another memory foam pillow with a 4.6-star rating on Amazon and rave reviews that highlight its comfort. Easily support any position during travel with its versatile support capabilities and cute travel bag, perfect for road trips or airplane flights.

This u-shaped travel pillow is an excellent solution for children needing rest on a plane or car ride. Customers have given it four out of five stars on Amazon, applauding its organic materials like latex and kapok fiber (a plant-based material). Though its shape may not be quite firm as other memory foam pillows, its adjustable Velcro strips allow parents to ensure your child naps in comfort.

This crochet travel pillow from five below may remind you of an infinity scarf from TikTok, but its real purpose is neck and chin support on long airplane rides or road trips. Wear it like a scarf, tuck it under luggage or seats, or place it between your head and window for lower lumbar support. Though more expensive than its competitors, it may well be worth investing in given its zipper closure and machine-washability – perfect if frequent flying or road tripping are part of your life!

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