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Five Clever Closet Organizing Ideas

Organization is key when it comes to keeping any space neat and uncluttered, whether that means an expansive walk-in wardrobe or simply a small corner closet in the corner of your bedroom. There are plenty of clever hacks and solutions to keep your closet organized, such as shoe storage solutions and shelving ideas; all designed to make getting dressed easier each morning!

Start off by cleaning and decluttering your closet to rid yourself of anything that hasn’t been worn or used recently, sort clothes by category for an easier organizational system, add accessories like canvas storage boxes, shelf dividers and closet rods as needed, then start on organizing!

Rethink how you store clothing and shoes to get the most out of your closet space. Try vertical folding (thanks, Marie Kondo!) or rolling sweaters and socks instead of stacking them to save on real estate in the closet. Additionally, specialty hangers may help consolidate ties and scarves or nest bras within each other to save drawer space.

Install a shoe organizer if your closet offers ample hanging space to store shoes in an organized manner without taking up valuable rack or shelf real estate. Not only are these solutions visually appealing and budget-friendly; many come in multiple aesthetics to match any closet decor!

Alternatively, if your closet features ample shelving space, add a shoe storage ottoman set or ottomans to keep your footwear neatly organized and out of sight. Not only are these beautiful ottomans great for looking good while sitting comfortably while getting ready, they can also double up as off-season storage solutions such as sweaters and dresses!

Your closet can become even more functional and attractive with the addition of a handbag hanger to protect the straps of your favorite purses from becoming loose over time. Not only will your bags stay tidy and beautiful, they’ll be easier to grab on-the-go!

As a parent, consider designing your closet organization system around growth. Tamsin Johnson created this dream closet featuring an upper shelf to allow children to transition into their own wardrobes more freely while the custom corner shelf stores bags and other essentials.

Do not neglect labeling your closet containers! This simple yet effective tip will save time for both yourself and other members of the household in finding what they need quickly and easily. Consider choosing fun illustrations on labels to further add character. Creating an organized closet environment feels even more like home!

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