Female Firefighter Calendar 2020

Female Firefighter Calendar 2020

At last, female firefighter Dane Mines will appear in the popular FDNY calendar! After attending a public casting call last year, she secured her spot. The annual charity calendar features firefighters flexing their muscles, holding an axe or equipment and posing for photos in all sorts of poses that also serve to raise money for programs within the fire department – such as following tragic incidents such as New York City fire that claimed four children’s lives earlier this month.

This calendar showcases men and women firefighters of all ages, and its proceeds benefit both the New York Fire Department as well as programs such as Children’s Hospital Burn Center. It serves as an important fundraiser for them – it is their only official calendar produced.

Though many women are drawn to firefighter careers through the popularity of FDNY’s racy calendar, many still face obstacles when trying to enter. Aside from rigorous physical training requirements, women also need to navigate issues such as improper fitting gear that causes discomfort and hinders their ability to use firefighting equipment effectively. Some have reported male colleagues being unwelcoming or hostile towards them while station houses often don’t provide gender-specific facilities such as bathrooms and changing areas for female firefighters.

But a group of Colorado firefighters is working to change that culture. Through their new firefighter calendar featuring different “firefighter of the month”, which also contains a message about fire and life safety as well as an appeal to support local charities, this effort managed to raise $80,000 during its initial year and is set for further production and sale in Denver and across Colorado.

As part of their participation, firefighters involved in this shoot are also volunteering their time to promote local charities every month, such as Animal Care Centers of NYC in an attempt to encourage pet adoption. Furthermore, they’ve hosted fundraising events and community outreach initiatives that aim to educate the public on fire and life safety issues.

The 2020 calendar from the FDNY features veterans and rookies, but no women or anyone wearing uniform. Furthermore, their department has decided that future topless shots featuring firefighters cannot use municipal property or gear or show any part of their chests; which is an unfortunate double standard that undermines charitable initiatives.

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