Fat Joe Beard Fake

Is Fat Joe’s Fake Beard Again?

Joe was under scrutiny during the Logan Paul fight due to his artificial beard which appeared painted-on. Now, Joe has shared another post featuring himself which shows an artificial beard and people have taken to calling out this rapper’s behavior.

Fat Joe took time away from podcasting to attend Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul’s exhibition fight on June 6 at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, winning many fans over with his ringside seat appearance and unexpected facial hair changes that many believed had been drawn or spray painted onto. Fat Joe quickly made headlines for more reasons than one that night; not only with his appearance at ringside seat appearance but also due to what many claimed was drawn or spray painted onto his facial hair – many believed this constituted proof that someone had faked out someone!

In a new Instagram post from 50-year-old rap legend T-Pain, his signature beard has caused much debate in recent times, yet this time it looked different – more of a thin goatee style rather than heavy stubble; his sideburns also seemed connected to his chin strap making it hard to tell whether his beard was real or fake.

Fat Joe decided not to get caught up in the controversy surrounding his beard and instead focused on what mattered most – his brand. Recently he joined forces with It’s a 10 Haircare to launch Rewind it 10, an at-home hair coloring kit designed specifically for men that boasts Leaping Bunny certified ammonia-free formula that’s safe for scalp and hair health, as well as three shades: black, brown and blonde. To mark Rewind it 10’s launch Fat Joe got together with friends for some fun photoshoots which can be seen below!

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