Evan Peters Red Hair

Evan Peters Gets Red Hair For American Horror Story

Evan Peters has won over fans from around the world with his performances in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and American Horror Story, where he portrays a villain. Though not yet a household name, his charismatic performances have won him fans from FX’s horror-filled series as well as those who follow him on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Peters has excelled in multiple leading roles, but also supports characters that highlight his calm and collected charm. That’s why he’s become such a staple on American Horror Story since Season 1 as Tate Langdon and has also gained notoriety within the X-Men ensemble as Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

His most iconic character to date is Jeffrey Dahmer, whose performance still chills fans to this day due to its uncanny accuracy. But he’s also played other frightening characters over the years such as a murderer who used to work at a hotel and an obsessed writer who turned his vampire victims into an army of thugs.

He even played the role of a kidnapped boy who was miraculously reunited with his family years later. His witty performances and ability to convey an believable, relatable personality have earned him a loyal following among American Horror Story viewers.

In the tenth season of AHS, set in 2020, Peters stars as Austin Sommers. In this comical series, Austin and Belle Noir (Frances Conroy) acquire their incredible talent through taking black pills that give them an appetite for human blood. In one scene, they perform a cover of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers’ “Islands in the Stream,” exaggerating their faces while making hand gestures while singing it.

It can be challenging to carry off a role like this, yet he manages to make it look real enough for people to believe. Plus his hair has been dyed an eye-catching red which will surely give anyone who glances upon it an intense heart attack!

He may have begun his career on Disney Channel’s Phil of the Future, but he’s since blossomed into one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. He’s featured in several superhero films such as Kick-Ass and won Emmys for his roles on HBO’s Mare of Easttown and NBC’s Superstore.

His most recent film, WandaVision, was an enormous hit for Marvel Studios. The series’ premiere on January 31 was met with incredible fan enthusiasm, and each episode released weekly to keep Marvel fans enthralled. However, after five episodes ended on a cliffhanger that had viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering when they’d see Evan Peters again.

On September 14th, American Horror Story returns for another season and all your questions will be answered! But before then, let us take a closer look at Peters and his iconic hair!

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