Eva Marie Wardrobe Malfuntion

Eva Marie’s Wardrobe Malfunction Becomes the Most Popular WWE Video on Tik Tok

Eva Marie missed two major matches in a row because of a wardrobe malfunction. She was injured in her hamstring last week and had to withdraw this week due to a wardrobe problem. Her wardrobe malfunction gave her no other choice but to call off the match, leaving Alexa Bliss to face Becky Lynch in the ring instead. Eva Marie is one of the most hated WWE performers.

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), which is home to some of most charismatic wrestlers around the world, was unfortunate to have one of its competitors make a wardrobe error during a match. After announcing her absence from the match, the WWE took her off their television shows and took her off their roster. The wardrobe malfunction occurred on an episode of the blue brand, where Eva Marie was scheduled to face Becky Lynch in a singles match. She was clearly upset when the match was cancelled.

Eva Marie’s wardrobe mishap has been the most popular WWE video on popular social media platform Tik Tok. The video has received more than 50 million views. Her wardrobe malfunction has been one of the reasons that the WWE has written Eva Marie off its programming. On September 27, 2021, the former Diva was reportedly injured on the same episode and was not allowed to wrestle. While she was on the RAW episode, she was also given the role of ring announcer. Eva Marie made a mistake when she announced for Jinder Mahal. This mistake was captured by Total Divas.

As we all know, Eva Marie had a wardrobe malfunction on SMACKDOWN LIVE. Due to the wardrobe malfunction, Eva Marie was forced to leave the match because her top was damaged. Although her top was damaged, the match was ultimately won by Tamina. Carmella was able to overcome it after Alexa Bliss distracted her. In addition to a wardrobe malfunction, the episode was a huge hit on YouTube.

Eva Marie’s suspension in May 2014 was a result of a wellness violation. After Eva Marie failed to deliver a strong promo during a backstage interview with SmackDown, this was the cause of her suspension in May 2014. In the interview, she tried to trash talk Summer Rae, but her delivery of dialogue was extremely poor. Due to violating the WWE wellness policy, she was removed from the WWE for 30 Days.

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