Eva Marie Wardrobe Malfuction

Eva Marie Wardrobe Malfuction

Eva Marie’s “wardrobe mishap” was a big hit on YouTube this week. It was the most viewed WWE video of the week, and the second-most viewed clip of the month. Eva’s mishap was second only to Randy Orton’s “RKO Outta Nowhere”, which was shown on Brock Lesnar. It was also the most-viewed YouTube video in June. Here are some reasons why.

First, Eva Marie’s outfit malfunction led to her missing the big SmackDown match. She was supposed to face Becky Lynch but was injured. After her injury, the match was cancelled. Eva Marie had to cover her leg with towels after the second attempt failed. Eva Marie’s wardrobe malfunction came about during a video shoot for Total Divas.

As a result, Eva Marie was suspended from WWE and removed from their television shows. She eventually left the company. The wardrobe malfunction occurred during an episode on blue brand. She was supposed to face Becky Lynch in singles match. Becky Lynch’s hilarious reaction to the wardrobe malfunction caused the match to be cancelled. The fans laughed at Eva Marie while they wondered what caused the malfunction.

Another episode of WWE Raw was a disaster for Eva Marie. She was unable to wear her top, which was supposed to be covered by a white sheet. Tamina won the match after she was forced to tag out with her broken top. The broken top also left her sneering at her back, which made it hard for her to win the match. Her debut was halted by the show, which caused a lot of problems in the ring.

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