Erin French Lost Kitchen Net Worth

Erin French Net Worth – Owner and Chef of the Lost Kitchen

Erin French is the owner and chef of the popular restaurant called The Lost Kitchen. She is also a self taught culinary expert, and author of two books. Her restaurant is located in an old mill in Freedom, Central Maine. It has a staff made up entirely of women. A number of celebrity visitors have come to the establishment including Martha Stewart.

Erin started her cooking career at the age of twelve, when she learned to cook at her father’s diner. While in college, she became pregnant. After finding out she was expecting a child, she returned home to take care of the baby. From there, she branched out into the food industry and started hosting pop-up dinners. However, she did not like the typical diner foods.

Despite her success, she suffered a depression and drug addiction. Her first marriage was troubled. In addition, she lost her house and her only child. This led her to go to rehab. Once she had recovered, she went back to her restaurant. Although she was a successful chef, she still struggled with her mental health.

Erin’s life changed again when she met Michael Dutton. He had been an entrepreneur for many years, and had been involved with 6ccMedia and IMG Media. Before meeting Michael, she had been in several failed relationships.

When Erin French opened her restaurant in Freedom, Maine, she had a net worth of $1 million. She now has a husband and a son. As of 2022, she is estimated to be earning more than a million dollars.

In addition to owning a successful restaurant, Erin has appeared in television series based on her life. One of these programs is called “The Lost Kitchen”. On the show, she goes through her journey as she develops her restaurant empire. There is also a short film filmed about her. Among her achievements are a nomination for the James Beard Award.

Another notable achievement is that Erin’s restaurant was named one of TIME Magazine’s World’s Greatest Restaurants. Until the program, the Lost Kitchen was known only as an underground supper club.

Today, the restaurant is an acclaimed place to eat, and it’s a hot spot for celebrity visits. The restaurant is renowned for its seasonal dishes and local ingredients. They even have a drive-through farmers’ market where growers can recover some of their costs. Recently, they have launched an online gift market for their customers.

Now, Erin French is a familiar face on social media. She is frequently featured on Instagram. Also, she owns a website called the lost kitchen. At the age of forty, she made her comeback and re-opened her restaurant. Besides her restaurant, she sells kitchen products and rents out cottages.

Erin’s restaurant was a huge hit, but she had some heartbreak. Her ex-husband had threatened to close the eatery and dismiss all of her employees. Eventually, he did. But he was not the only one to do this. To make matters worse, he was a violent ex-husband.

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