Emily Mariko Kale Chips

Emily Mariko Kale Chips

TikTok fans likely know about Emily Mariko – the 29-year-old Californian who rose to prominence thanks to her delicious salmon bowl recipe. But she is more than just one-hit wonder; her feed features meal prep ideas (rotisserie chicken and roasted vegetables are among them), cooking hacks and recipe makeovers. “Emily provides relatable examples for people newer to the kitchen as well as showing a balanced way of eating that doesn’t limit or restrict,” says Mia Syn, M.S. R.D.N registered dietitian nutritionist in Charleston South Carolina who works at Cosmopolitan.

Mariko is a true powerhouse on TikTok; her food — from salmon bowls and pesto eggs to other delights like her signature cooking videos that seem so relaxing — are delicious yet nutritious and easily replicable at home. Plus, watching Mariko cook makes you feel as if you’re right there with her in the kitchen!

Kale chips take only 10 minutes and ingredients are likely already in your pantry. “They’re an easy, tasty way to satisfy salty or savory cravings in an healthier manner,” states Syn. Plus, this super food boasts anti-inflammatory properties as well as more iron than beef!

For best results when making Kale Chips, remove the ribs from the leaves and tear into bite-size pieces. Combine olive oil, seasonings, and a pinch of salt before spreading onto a baking sheet in an even layer without overlap. Bake until crispy and a bit brownened (do not overcook or the Kale will become soggy!). Allow to cool before devouring!

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