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Top 25 Emilio Pucci Cover Ups

Caftans feature bold 70s prints for an unforgettable statement piece perfect for those with playful personalities. Discover 25 caftans that will elevate your poolside wardrobe this summer from Tory Burch and Zimmermann.

Emilio Pucci established his brand in 1947 and quickly earned international renown for its bold prints and feminine shapes. Their collection spans ready-to-wear clothing, accessories and swimwear.

Emilio Pucci’s signature prints and patterns evoke movement with their fluid lines and vivid hues, earning him the moniker “the Prince of Prints”. His iconic motifs have extended beyond fashion into other fields – from airline uniforms designed by him for Braniff in the 1960s, to being featured prominently on Apollo XV spacecraft as an emblem embroidered onto it.

Pucci first introduced his couture collection, debuting it in Rome in 1949. From then onward, his designs have remained at the cutting-edge of modern style – his label being one of the first to include logos on fabric labels, while continually pushing new printing technologies and fabrics in womenswear design.

Marchese Emilio Pucci di Barsento was an influential aristocrat whose family lineage can be traced back to Renaissance Italy. An avid skier, his passion lay with fashion and travel; dreaming of opening his own boutique on Capri island. Following his death in 1992, Laudomia Pucci took over running of the company.

Pucci has long been known as an innovator, yet still maintains a commitment to classics. They pioneered lightweight fabrics in women’s wear as well as pioneered diversification with sportswear, interior design and accessory products.

Emilio Pucci has designed this sleeveless kaftan with a classic sailor’s neckline and ruffled collar as the ideal accents to its silk twill fabric, featuring their iconic Iride pattern of an elliptical Iride along the skirt and sleeves, as well as square neckline featuring irregular polka dot patterns inset between 2″ inset collar/cuffs/bottom hem polka dot print for an impressive look! Made in Italy out of silk twill fabric it features their iconic Iride Iride print that features signature Emilio Pucci prints on skirt and sleeves as well as their signature Iride pattern along skirt and sleeves as an elliptical Iride pattern along skirt and sleeves featuring shift patterning, while two inch inset/collar/cuffs/bottom hem features irregularly placed polka dot prints all around its perimeters polka dot print on it features irregular polka dots printed all around its perimeters! Made in Italy from silk twill it features Emilio Pucci prints of an Ellliptical Iride pattern which runs along skirt and sleeves while its signature print of an Elliptical Iride pattern along skirt and sleeves for added detail! Made in Italy using silk twill it features its trademark print of an Ellipsical Iride pattern cane print from Italy features its signature print of an Elliptical Iride pattern on its perimeters (to sleeves with slight shift shape while square neckline/cuffs/bottom Hem which feature irregular polka Dotin Italy! Made for maximum impactful statement of Italian craftsmanship with silk polka Dot this piece from Italy to match the print on its signature. Pucci print of an Ellipsical Iride Pattern along skirt and Sleeve. Pucci’s signature printed along skirt and Sleeveless Kaf elliptorial print features its 2 inch inset/collming/Cuffs/Cuffs 2inch Inset/collo-esque Iride printed ellipt hem/cuffs/bottom Hem as well. hem/bottom Hem. &Cuffs printed pattern along skirt/cuffs/bottom Hem). Inset/cuffs printed pattern inset/collamente patterns pattern printing which features irregular polka Dot) which features on skirt/cuffs/bottom Hem) printed signature cands/c ccuffs/Cuffs 2 inches/collavorads 2inchinset collar/Cuffs 2 inch inset/Cuffs 2 inches Inset inset/ collarc/bottom Hem..

Note that all items listed are vintage or preloved and may show signs of wear. Please look carefully at photos before asking any questions or placing an order.

This beautiful vintage Emilio Pucci Terry Cloth Beach Cover Up comes in size 8, but fits like a small. The vibrant colors pop against its background of white. Additionally, there’s an embroidered Emilio Pucci logo on one corner for added authenticity! We think this would look fabulous worn over white bikinis paired with denim shorts and wedges!

This beautiful Italian kaftan slips over your head easily with hook and loop fasteners at its collar, as well as its delicate draping. It has exquisite draping for maximum elegance!

This vintage item shows some signs of wear, yet remains very clean and in great condition. A must for any collector and would look amazing in your closet; make an ideal present for that special someone in your life. Item will be packaged securely before being sent out! Feel free to reach out if any queries arise!

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