Elton John Costume Women

Elton John Costume Women

John has delighted audiences for decades with his iconic outfits and powerful songs, creating unforgettable performances at his concerts that draw both diehard fans and new listeners. These shows feature pyrotechnics, extravagant costumes and hits spanning five decades as a rock legend; but John himself stands out as the true star. Over time his persona has evolved from plain Reginald Dwight into the madcap Elton Hercules John; their identities becoming one in concert halls all around the globe.

John’s massive personality shines through even brighter in his 2019 biopic Rocketman, which won audiences, critics, and celebrities over. Starring Taron Egerton as his pop icon counterpart John, this movie follows his rise to fame and bumps along the road, including an attempted suicide. One of its most memorable scenes comes when Egerton dives into a pool at a party only to be revived from deep despair by an outpouring of support from hysterical fans, serving as an important reminder that fans can help save their idols from potentially dark places in life.

Attending an Elton John live performance can be an unforgettable experience for many. Mary Buchman of Syracuse, New York saw her first-ever Elton John concert during his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour at JMA Wireless Dome this past year – it was like coming full circle for Buchman who credits Elton’s music with helping her through difficult periods in her own life.

Buchman was eager to look her best for John’s concert, so she opted for a pink leopard print dress and glittery platform heels inspired by ’70s-style looks typically worn at his shows. For an added touch, her gold-framed sunglasses featuring sparkly costume crystals paid tribute to his unique aesthetic.

At Buchman’s concert, an audiovisual montage of his life played on screens above the stage and he danced along to “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.” Surrounded by thousands of his fellow fans, Buchman swayed to this timeless classic while singing its refrain with pride.

If you’re planning on attending an Elton John concert this year or simply wanting to pay tribute to his legendary style, we have put together some lookalike pieces to get your started. From these feel-alikes you will feel like John himself! Don’t forget platform boots as the finishing touch – they add height and flair while making you ready to hit the dance floor and sing your heart out to all your favorite tunes.

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