Edward X Jacob Heat

Jacob Black Vs Edward Black – Which Is Better For Bella?

No matter your opinion on the Twilight series, no doubt its influence has left its mark on generations of readers and viewers alike. From movies and merchandising to memes and memes based on it all made an impactful statement about young adult culture in general and everyone had a favorite character: Edward or Jacob? Although their are numerous reasons to love either one equally for Bella. It can always be fun arguing which is better.

Jacob Black is a Quileute Native American and werewolf who quickly becomes Bella’s best friend after moving to Forks. He shares Cullen family stories about the “cold ones,” eventually falling in love with her as a result. When Volturi invade their home, Jacob comes to their aid; together they escape through Renesmee’s house where they meet Renesmee who eventually imprints upon Jacob (spoiler alert!) before acting as her protector and best friend until she reaches maturity age.

Though Jacob seems like an ideal match for Bella, she ultimately chooses Edward over him and becomes a vampire – not because Edward is hotter or richer – it’s simply because they were made for each other.

He’s the only one willing to risk his life for her, which speaks volumes. Furthermore, he saved her from jumping off a cliff which could have taken her life; thus showing that he truly understands and loves her.

Although he may appear shallow at times, Jacob does possess classic good looks and is much more enjoyable to be around than Edward, who struggles with having any genuine joy in his life. Not to mention he’s extremely wealthy – offering to bring you to their private island mansion for your honeymoon. Plus he doesn’t hide it either; which provides a welcome break from Edward being seen as arrogant.

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