Eddie Eddie By Billy Tommy

Eddie by Billy Tomy – D&D Characters

Eddie is a self-professed metalhead who doesn’t hesitate to express himself freely, preferring life on the edges of society. A talented illustrator (thanks to years of creating monsters for Dungeons & Dragons campaigns) with mechanical knowledge (he’s capable of hot-wiring an RV with ease). Eddie plays guitar in Corroded Coffin.

Eddie is legally protected by his paternal uncle Wayne who loves and cares deeply for him and always goes out of his way to offer assistance with whatever may arise in any given circumstance.

Eddie welcomed Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson and Lucas Sinclair with open arms when they entered Hawkins High. Embark on an active life within Hellfire Club as mentor and music instructor – helping Mike Wheeler fight Vecna off using both skills to fight them off successfully.

Eddie can often come off as aggressive and noisy; however, beneath this exterior is actually an extremely sensitive individual who cares deeply for those closest to him. Though Eddie prefers keeping to himself most of the time, when necessary he will open up to those close to him more directly; often using humor or other distraction techniques in order to cover up deeper feelings that he’s trying to hide behind laughter.

Eddie and Jason Carver had long held a bitter rivalry; both on the fringe of popular circles in school, they often clashed over their different interests. After Nicole Moyer died however, Eddie and Jason found themselves forced to seek refuge together at Reefer Rick’s where they quickly formed an unexpected bond. During Vecna’s attack Eddie turned to Chrissy for guidance while feeling protective over her by staying close as possible to Chrissy during this dangerous situation.

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