Dunkin Mango Pineapple Refresher Nutrition

Mango Pineapple Refresher Nutrition

Many are searching for ways to stay energized and upbeat during the warmer months. Dunkin’ has several beverages designed with this in mind, including its Mango Pineapple refresher which recently joined its selection.

This drink is an ideal way to enjoy summer without overindulging in calories or sugar. It contains only a minimal amount of fat as well as essential vitamins and minerals needed for healthy living.

This refreshing beverage is made with coconut milk for a smooth flavor and energy boost. Plus, it contains some dietary fiber to invigorate your body and boost energy levels.

Although this beverage is low in calories, it still contains some added sugars. Therefore, if you’re searching for a healthier option, consider switching to another beverage.

Dunkin’ offers several healthier menu items than some of their drinks, such as an English muffin (140 calories), hash browns (140 calories) and egg whiteflat with cheese and turkey sausage (210 calories). Unfortunately, one of their most popular items is their coffee with cream and sugar (300 calories), which packs on some serious calories.

If you’re trying to reduce calories, Mango Pineapple refresher is a great option as it contains only minimal fat and sugar. Plus, it includes essential vitamins and minerals for energy boost.

Another nutritious option is the Blueberry Pomegranate refresher, which contains iced green tea and flavoring fruit concentrates. Plus, it’s packed with B vitamins for healthy body maintenance.

For those seeking to avoid added sugars and sweet sodas, this beverage is an ideal alternative. With just 10 calories per 8 ounces and no artificial flavors or colors, it’s a great option.

Although the drink contains a small amount of added sugars, it still falls within the recommended daily limit for added sugars. Furthermore, the drink has an exceptionally high sodium content.

What are the nutrition facts for Refreshers at Dunkin’?

Unfortunately, these snacks aren’t particularly healthy; although they are low in calories and contain some added vitamins and minerals, they still contain plenty of sugar, making them not recommended if you’re trying to shed pounds.

Dunkin’ Refreshers may not be unhealthy in terms of nutrition, but they do contain a high calorie and sugar content as well as artificial sweeteners. As such, these beverages should not be recommended for individuals with diabetes or low blood sugar levels.

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