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Senate Majority Leader Donald Trump Mitch McConnell Loses Support From Conservatives

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell’s relationship as majority leaders of the Senate has produced some notable legislative successes, yet its strained nature has taken its toll on his political image.

Trump’s incendiary rhetoric has alienated many voters, yet it has also galvanized the conservative base that has long made McConnell a staple in the Senate. For decades now, McConnell has advocated policies that have helped push Republican politics toward the right.

For decades, Trump has advocated pro-business policies, asserting that free market capitalism benefits the economy. Yet he now promises to undo those measures which he believes have disenfranchised middle class people through bad trade deals and easier immigration.

McConnell has led his party away from traditional Republican policies that have served the country well, leaving behind a growing number of voters who feel abandoned by Washington and frustrated with how their elected officials are handling their problems. Though he remains popular with some members of his core base, he has seen his support wane among more moderate Republicans.

McConnell appears to be doing his best to remain loyal to Trump, even as he struggles with his own unpopularity. He avoids taking a strong stance against any major issue and avoids publicly criticizing him on the Senate floor.

McConnell has been attacked by both liberals and conservatives alike for being too timid to challenge Trump, while conservatives worry he’ll lose support among their base. Ultimately, however, it depends on whether McConnell feels an obligation to break with Trump – and what that would entail for him personally.

McConnell has long avoided taking a stand against President Trump due to fear that doing so could damage his own political reputation in an intense primary battle for reelection in 2022, according to experts. Additionally, he worries about appearing too close to Trump for comfort.

McConnell has stood firm in his defense of President Obama, even as many Republican colleagues have called for him to withdraw his backing. For instance, he refused to vote in support of a congressional resolution that demanded the removal of Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Merrick Garland.

McConnell also opposed repealing the Affordable Care Act, noting its negative effect on the nation’s economy and ineffective solution for dealing with this crisis.

Over the years, President Trump has repeatedly attacked Senator McConnell, labeling him a “dorky political hack” and insisting he be removed from his leadership position. On Twitter, Trump even went so far as to label him a “dishonest liar.”

McConnell has come under fire from many, including his fellow Republicans in the state of Kentucky, but he remains the majority leader of the Senate and must balance several priorities. He needs to keep the party united while pushing a conservative agenda forward while also protecting vulnerable colleagues – no small feat during a presidential campaign year! But now more than ever it’s essential that this chamber remain strong and united.

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