Diy Tennis Player Costume

Top 5 DIY Tennis Player Costumes For Halloween

Tennis player costumes are an easy and fun DIY Halloween costume choice for any event. Whether you’re honoring your favorite celebrity or simply getting into the spirit of the season, this costume will be a hit at any party this season!

Serena Williams

Take inspiration from Serena and copy her signature look with this stylish DIY tennis player costume. Wear a Nike bodysuit over black leggings, then add red ribbon at your waist for added detail. Finish off the ensemble with sneakers and an authentic tennis racket for added flair.


What better way to honor a woman renowned for her commitment to civil rights than by dressing up as Notorious RBG this Halloween? Either make your own hat out of cardboard or purchase one inexpensively from a craft store. For an extra special touch, add on red hair and glittery makeup for the complete look!

Bob Ross

If a DIY costume doesn’t quite match your needs, there are plenty of commercial options you can purchase at your local costume shop or online. You might even come across an adorable Bob Ross-inspired tennis outfit for kids!

Marty McFly

If you have a favorite movie from the 1980s, Marty McFly would make an ideal Halloween costume. All you’ll need is a button-down shirt, jeans jacket (pick one up at a thrift store if you don’t already own one), and staple down vest.

To complete the look, you’ll need a pair of aviation goggles that should be worn pushed up on your forehead. You’ll also require a headband, white shirt and pants.


If viking costumes are more your style, a Greek-themed Halloween is achievable with ease. All you’ll need is two thin wooden slats, gold belt or length of rope spray-painted gold, and an authentic helmet (available at party supply stores or discount outlets).

Add some additional pieces for a striking Viking appearance! You could even go all out and tie on a laurel wreath around your head for an impressive finishing touch!

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