Disney Senior Parking Spot Ideas

Disney Senior Parking Spot Ideas

On Spirit Week at Mooresville High School, students painted senior parking spots for the first time in over 10 years. Principal Brian Disney reported that this decision was student-driven and stemmed from requests made by several students.

Painting senior parking spot ideas is an excellent way to express your creativity and personality. Whether you want to parody a favorite album, pay tribute to your favorite sports team or put a humorous spin on something else entirely, there’s sure to be a design perfect for you!

Seniors at Mooresville have had the unique opportunity to stretch their creativity and imagination with this engaging activity. It’s also an opportunity for them to showcase their artistic abilities and be proud of what they’ve accomplished so far in their final year of school.

Senior parking spot ideas may include Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, a cactus with sun and white cloud, Josh Gonzalez’ musical theme or Sophie Skerritt’s painting of the Philippines flag.

Many schools require you to submit your design for approval ahead of time, so be sure to confirm with them beforehand. Our free Senior Parking Spot Info Packet and Design Form Template is an invaluable resource for schools with this policy in place!

Once you’ve created your senior parking spot designs, be sure to send us pictures for publication. We’ll post them online and share them with our social media followers! Don’t forget to tag #SeniorParkingSpots! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more updates on all the senior parking spot ideas popping up around Mooresville!

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