Disney Doctor Day Pin 2022

Disney Pin Trading – Doctor Day Pin 2022

Walt Disney World continues to experience an explosion of pin trading activity with new pin boards springing up throughout parks and resorts, featuring popular Disney characters on themed backdrops. Pin traders search for and trade out for desirable pins that they find most desirable; often limited edition or jumbo size pins become highly sought-after as these rarer pieces sell for higher prices both at park stores and eBay.

Not yet collectors or unwilling to shell out hefty sums? Don’t fret; even those without deep pockets can join the trading activity by purchasing starter sets from sellers on eBay and Amazon. These sets include a lanyard and four Disney pins which can then be traded at parks and resorts or kept for more customized displays.

For beginners to pin trading, it is wise to visit a shop specializing in this hobby. These shops typically employ knowledgeable employees with access to an impressive array of pins. Their employees can answer any queries that arise and help select suitable pins for your collection.

2022 marks Doctors’ Day with a beautiful cloisonne pin featuring Minnie Mouse as a doctor, featuring white lab coat, red badge, Mickey Mouse pen and stethoscope on her collar and band aids in her pocket. Additionally she points to an eye chart bearing “DOCTORS’ DAY 2022” written on it.

Other 2022 pins recognize holidays such as President’s Day with Sam Eagle and Kermit the Frog; Cinderella and Prince Charming for Valentine’s Day; Stitch and Dopey on Stitch Day, Stitch Day and Dopey Day respectively. Disney Designer Collection pins feature Mulan and Tiana on Grecian Urns while Aurora on stained Glass Windows while “Piece of History”, featuring an attraction window sliver in an 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea pin is now also available as jumbo pin.

Pin trading policies differ across Disney parks and owned companies, including Disneyland Resort which does not accept brooch-type pins from cast members while WDW only enforces such policies at certain merchandise locations. Since changing policies would cost money for both organizations, they have decided not to change these rules and keep trading pins as is.

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