Diplo El Paso Tx

Diplo El Paso Texas

Diplo is one of the world’s best DJs and his shows are some of the greatest you will ever witness. His danceable music has collaborated with some of the most celebrated artists worldwide. Additionally, Diplo established Mad Decent Record Label and played concerts all around the globe – not for faint of heart as his show can leave your legs feeling as though they will fall off!

Diplo has earned his place as an innovator of electronic dance music with his unique brand of the genre, working with an array of artists (currently being part of Major Lazer). Additionally, Diplo has established himself as an accomplished producer whose works has been showcased worldwide at major festivals.

Thomas Wesley Pentz is known as Diplo El Paso TX and hails from Philadelphia. Since 2003 he has been producing and DJing at Hollertronix Club Night in Philadelphia – his style being inspired by many genres of music.

He achieved fame after beginning work with M.I.A, and is widely credited with giving them exposure. Since then, they have collaborated with other high profile artists and launched their own label: Mad Decent. In performance they are charismatic performers with infectious energy who can get any crowd moving with catchy dance beats.

One of the hallmarks of an engaging performance is audience involvement and Diplo knows this well. He employs his own team of hype men to help build up excitement before each song and boost energy onstage – it makes being part of Diplo’s shows an exhilarating experience! And his sets can never disappoint!

Buchanan’s was truly entertaining with an outstanding set from Robyn. Her music appeals to fans of all ages. My only gripe with the venue was their neglect in cleaning up the floor properly prior to starting their show; beer cans and cocktail cups littered across it made it very uncomfortable to walk on, otherwise this was an incredible show and I would strongly suggest checking it out when she returns.

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