Dierks Bentley Bar Nashville Band Schedule

Dierks Bentley and His Nashville Band Schedule

Country music icon Dierks Bentley has a longstanding tradition of performing at local bars in Nashville. He often visits Station Inn on The Gulch, but this week Dierks made an unexpected visit to his own Whiskey Row bar on Lower Broadway for an unexpected performance.

Watch the Video for ‘Gold’

Dierks Bentley’s chart-topping single “Gold” features an engaging music video that follows him on his journey to reconnect with nature. Filmed around Nashville’s landscape, it follows a blue-collar worker as they leave their warehouse job and sell all their belongings in search of a fresh start.

He also includes his friends and family, such as his wife Morgane, mother Marcia, and daughter Evie in the song. Not only does the natural landscape take center stage in this moving composition, but many members of Bentley’s band members appear throughout it to reinforce its core message.

Alexa Stone and Stephen Kinigopoulos directed the video, directed by them both after their previous collaboration on Elle King’s “Worth A Shot.” Both country stars as well as their production team worked together on location in Murfreesboro, TN to shoot this film.

Bentley and King collaborated on this song, released last year. They worked closely with director Stephen Kinigopoulos who shot it around Nashville.

This joint release from MusicRow and The Kills features “an unexpected take on a highly engaging” song. The video includes wanted signs, a liquor-filled saloon and an intense shot for shot duel as they journey through this cinematic experience.

Dierks Bentley’s Best New Video Yet

For decades, Dierks Bentley has been one of country music’s biggest stars, scoring 21 chart-topping hits throughout his career. He’s known for creating material that’s “highly innovative, creative and challenging” (The New York Times), while staying true to his core values and vision. With ‘Beers on Me’ he continues this legacy today.

He’s a truly gifted artist, creating music with the aim of challenging and entertaining listeners (The New York Times), as well as being an devoted father, husband and friend. Additionally, he co-founded the nonprofit organization the Country Music Foundation.

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Situated on Nashville’s Lower Broadway, Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row is an American gastropub like no other. Boasting award-winning food & drinks, an exciting nightlife scene, and Dierks himself as the resident rock ‘n’ roller, the bar makes for a great evening with friends.

Make sure to follow the venue on Twitter or Facebook for up-to-date updates and information. Additionally, the website is an excellent place to be notified when tickets become available.

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