Did Whitney Thores Mother Died

Did Whitney Thores Mother Die?

Fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life were shocked to learn on December 7 that Barbara “Babs” Thore, known for her longstanding medical issues and appearing as Barbara in My Big Fat Fabulous Life episodes, passed away. At 76 years old and suffering from cerebral amyloid angiopathy — an untreatable condition which causes brain bleeding, strokes and dementia — she died. According to Whitney’s post about Babs on social media she experienced her first stroke in 2017, followed by two more in December 2021 and another just last month.

Family was able to spend quality time with her during her last days, with Whitney posting a video showing herself and her mom laughing together while music played in the background. At the end of their video they shared one last laugh before exchanging kisses at its conclusion.

Whitney posted an Instagram message thanking her mom and saying she will always love her with all her heart. Additionally, Whitney mentioned how much her mom appreciated the newfound TV career giving her sense of purpose and excitement.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Jessica Nguyen ended her emotional post by thanking all those who reached out on behalf of her mom, emphasizing their value as support during this trying time for the family. Additionally, she thanked castmates and fans alike for standing with them during this trying period for them all.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s 10th season concluded this October and there has yet to be an announcement as to its continuation or not. No doubt all cast and crew are devastated at this news.

TMZ has learned that Babs, one of the eldest members of a reality show’s cast, died this Wednesday from the effects of an incurable disease. At 76 years old and having had numerous strokes throughout her time on television – with her most recent one occurring December of 2021 and viewers watching as she struggled to recover after suffering another in December 2021 – Babs was an immensely beloved character on set; her death will leave an enormous hole. She leaves behind her daughter, son and husband Glenn as she leaves behind family.

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